7′ Oxygen Tubing Green

  • Green Oxygen Tubing with Standard Connector
  • 7-foot long, medical-grade tubing
  • Crush-resistant material to prevent kinking
  • Distinctive green color for easy visibility
  • Equipped with a standard connector for broad compatibility
  • Suitable for both standard and high-flow applications

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Green Oxygen Tubing 7′, with Standard Connector

The Crush-Resistant Green Oxygen Tubing with Standard Connector is a 7-foot-long, medical-grade tubing designed to deliver oxygen from a source to the patient. Its crush-resistant material reduces the risk of kinking and obstruction of flow, ensuring consistent oxygen delivery. The tubing’s distinct green color provides a visual contrast, making it easier to identify and monitor in various settings. It is equipped with a standard connector for compatibility with most oxygen supply equipment. Suitable for standard and high-flow applications, this tubing is an essential tool in oxygen therapy.

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