Boost Oxygen 10L


Boost Oxygen 10L (Large) Natural

  • 10L of oxygen contains more than 200 one-second inhalations
  • Flavorless and odorless
  • Compact size

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Searching for a rapid solution to altitude-related challenges while staying active outdoors? Discover the Boost Oxygen 10L (10 liters) bottle, ideal for those seeking a convenient and revitalizing Oxygen boost on the move. This portable Oxygen reservoir is tailored for athletes, adventurers, and individuals desiring an instant Oxygen uplift.

The Boost Oxygen 10L Large-size bottle houses a generous supply of pure, odorless, and 95% pure Aviator’s Natural Breathing oxygen, offering over 200+ swift one-second inhalations. For extended needs, explore the option of renting an oxygen concentrator, providing a more sustained solution. Elevate your vitality with High Country Oxygen’s range of options to suit your oxygen needs.


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